June 18, 2024

Maltego ServiceNow Transform

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  1. Maltego XL (Commercial Edition): You must have a licensed version of Maltego XL (Commercial Edition) to use the ServiceNow Transform. If you don’t have it, you can obtain Maltego XL from the official website: Maltego Official Website.
  2. Access to ServiceNow Transform: You will need access to the ServiceNow Transform, which is typically available through a commercial license or subscription. Ensure you have the necessary credentials and permissions to access your ServiceNow instance.
  3. ServiceNow Instance: You should have an active ServiceNow instance to connect to using the Transform.

Step 1: Access ServiceNow Transform

  • Visit the official website of ServiceNow.
  • https://www.servicenow.com/
  • Sign in to your ServiceNow account or contact your ServiceNow administrator to obtain the necessary access and credentials.

Step 2: Obtain ServiceNow Transform

The ServiceNow Transform for Maltego is not available through the Transform Hub. You will need to obtain the ServiceNow Transform package separately.

  • Contact ServiceNow’s sales or support team to inquire about obtaining the ServiceNow Transform for Maltego.
  • Follow their instructions for acquiring and installing the Transform.

Step 3: Install the ServiceNow Transform

  • Download the ServiceNow Transform package to your local machine based on the instructions provided by ServiceNow.
  • Open Maltego XL.
  • Go to the “Transforms” tab.
  • Click on “Manage Transforms.”
  • In the “Transform Manager” window, click on the “Import Configuration” button.
  • Locate and select the ServiceNow Transform package file you downloaded earlier.
  • Click “Open” to import the configuration.

Step 4: Configure the ServiceNow Transform

  • In Maltego XL, under the “Transforms” tab, you should now see the ServiceNow transforms that you imported.
  • Click on the ServiceNow transforms to configure them.
  • Enter the necessary configuration settings, which will typically include your ServiceNow instance URL, API credentials, and any other specific parameters required for your ServiceNow instance.

Step 5: Use the ServiceNow Transform

  • Close the “Manage Transforms” window.
  • Create a new Maltego graph.
  • In the “Transforms” palette on the left, you should now see the ServiceNow transforms.
  • Drag and drop the ServiceNow transforms into your graph.
  • Configure the transforms with the necessary parameters for your specific use case, such as incident numbers, user details, or other ServiceNow-related information.
  • Run the transforms to query your ServiceNow instance and retrieve data and insights using the ServiceNow Transform’s capabilities.

Please note that the ServiceNow Transform is exclusively available for the commercial version of Maltego XL. Ensure that you have a valid commercial license or subscription with ServiceNow to use this transform effectively.

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