May 18, 2024

OSINT Tools: Tinfoleak

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What is Tinfoleak?

Tinfoleak is an open-source OSINT tool written in Python. It is designed to gather and analyze information from Twitter and other social media platforms. Tinfoleak helps you extract valuable data such as metadata, geolocation, relationships, and trends from social media profiles, tweets, and interactions. It is a valuable asset for conducting investigations, threat intelligence, and online research.


Before we delve into using Tinfoleak, let’s start with the installation process. Tinfoleak is a Python-based tool, making it relatively straightforward to set up.


Ensure you have the following prerequisites:

  1. Python: Tinfoleak requires Python 2.7. You can download Python from the official Python website.
  2. PIP: PIP is Python’s package manager and is usually included with Python installations. If it’s missing, you can install it separately.

Installation Steps

Follow these steps to install Tinfoleak:

  1. Clone the GitHub Repository:Open your terminal or command prompt and run the following command to clone the Tinfoleak GitHub repository to your local machine:bash

git clone

Navigate to the Tinfoleak Directory:

Change your working directory to the newly cloned repository:


cd tinfoleak

Install Required Dependencies:

Tinfoleak does not have many dependencies. You can use pip to install the required Python libraries:


  1. pip install -r requirements.txt This command will install the necessary libraries and dependencies.

Using Tinfoleak

Now that you have Tinfoleak installed, let’s explore how to use it for extracting insights from social media profiles.

Basic Usage

To run Tinfoleak, use the following command format:


python -u <twitter_username>

  • <twitter_username>: Replace this with the Twitter username you want to investigate.

For example, to analyze the Twitter account with the username exampleuser:


python -u exampleuser

Tinfoleak will start collecting information about the specified Twitter account and display the results in your terminal.

Advanced Options

Tinfoleak offers advanced options for customizing your analysis:

  • Output Format: You can specify the output format as JSON, CSV, or HTML using the -f flag.
  • Multiple Users: Tinfoleak supports analyzing multiple users in a single command. Simply provide a list of usernames separated by commas.
  • Date Range: You can set a date range for collecting tweets by using the --since and --until flags.
  • Location Analysis: Tinfoleak can perform geolocation analysis to find tweets with location data. Use the --geolocation flag to enable this feature.
  • Keyword Analysis: Specify keywords using the --keywords flag to filter tweets that contain specific terms.

For detailed usage instructions and a list of available options, use the -h or --help flag:


python -h

Responsible Use of Tinfoleak

It’s essential to use Tinfoleak responsibly and within legal and ethical boundaries. Always ensure that you have explicit permission to analyze social media profiles, and respect the terms of service and privacy regulations of the social media platform you are investigating. Tinfoleak is a powerful OSINT tool, and it should be used for legitimate purposes.


Tinfoleak is a versatile OSINT tool that empowers you to extract valuable insights from social media profiles and tweets. By following the installation steps and understanding how to use it effectively, you can enhance your investigations, threat intelligence, and online research efforts. Happy profiling!

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